Fleet Washing


Dirt, debris and mud and salt not only look unprofessional, but also promote corrosion. When you’re already protecting your image, a rusted fleet is not an option. Effective cleaning can also involve some of the undercarriage to protect the integrity of that area.

No fleet is too large; none is too small

  • You’ve seen the large cargo vans and smaller trucks of the premier package delivery firm in the United States. Their trucks are painted white – and seen everywhere. The fleets are actually the responsibility of independent owner operators who hire us to protect the image of the parent company with regular fleet washing.
  • Hotels and motels have smaller fleets of vans and mini-buses; sometimes as few as two. Several major national hotel chains utilize our services in New York and New Jersey. These vehicles are often the first thing hotel guests see, as well as the last. Their first impression, and the impression they take with them is heavily influenced by the condition of hotel transportation. Cleanliness equates to repeat business.

The advantages of fleet washing

We come to you. You are able to schedule vehicle cleaning to work around your business needs. You know in advance when our field technicians are coming, and you know immediately when one of your vehicles is ready to go back on the road. Our goal is to get the job done without disrupting the flow of your daily work. Remember, we operate a fleet, too!
We use state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment that makes the job of cleaning very time-efficient. The spray can be directed from tires to the top, but the pressure is controllable to protect glass and paint.
No damage to your paint or logos: Power washing designed such that water, under pressure, breaks the bond between the surface and the dirt. It does not peel paint; doesn’t scratch or dent; and will not damage vinyl.