Deck & Fence Cleaning

deck and fence

Decks and Fences add comfort and privacy to your home and yard. They can also add beauty and curb appeal when properly cared for and maintained.

When your deck, patio or any wooden structure at your home starts to show signs of wear by graying, warping, splintering or fading it is time for repair and maintenance.Pure Clean and Power can remove old stain, mold and algae give your deck and fence new life and save you a lot of $$$$ by extending the life of your fence and deck.

1) Pressure washing using our strippers and a minimum amount of water pressure to remove old finish.
2) Apply brightener to neutralize the chemical stripper to brighten the natural color of the wood.
3) Wait approximately giving the wood 48 hours of good dry weather.
4) Apply High Quality Stain or Sealer.

We will pressure wash your deck or fence using our strippers and using the minimum amount of water pressure need to remove the old finish and prepare the surface for staining or sealing.

We will then apply only a High Quality sealer or stain of your choice to enhance and protect your deck or fence and give your home a fresh new feel.